ANAK ALLAH DAN ANAK-ANAK ALAH (Kristologi Menurut 1 Yohanes dan Maknanya bagi Orang Percaya)


Book of 1 John
Son of God
Children of God


The differences in perspectives between the Jewish and Hellenistic backgrounds contribute
to the disharmony among the community of believers. The Apostle John reminds that as
individuals who illuminate life, believers are obligated to live in loving one another. John
emphasizes this and also corrects misunderstandings about Christ. In the First Epistle of
John, it is stated that God is love, and as enlightened individuals, believers are expected to
live in loving one another. Differences in perspectives should not lead to a division that
destroys the bonds of love among believers. The main issues in this writing are (1) about the
relationship between Jesus and God the Father, and how Jesus as the Son of God becomes the
Savior of human sins. (2) On the other hand, in other parts of 1 John (such as 1 John 3:1), the
term "children of God" is found, referring to all who believe in Jesus Christ. This underscores
that through faith in Christ, believers become children of God and have a strong bond with
Him. (3) Building the spiritual life of believers, as well as the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding
and empowering them. This writing employs a qualitative research method involving an indepth
and descriptive approach in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, as well as
using a literature-based method. The purpose of this writing is to know God as a source of
love and live in a community of love with fellow believers. In addition, also to voice the truth
while inviting to join. This invitation does not only apply to John's group or his
contemporaries with the Apostle John, but also applies to everyone. God loves everyone and
invites anyone to join in fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.



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